Diamond slate roofing is a single lap method of slating, often used with terracotta hip and ridge capping. This was the ‘in vogue’ style at the time of the Federation of Australia, and so was called the ‘Federation Style’.

Normally these style roofs were done using asbestos cement, but there is not an effective replacement for the old asbestos shingles in terms of quality and longevity.

The fibre-cement type shingles (either in the rectangle or diamond shape) are no longer available in Australia due to quality problems.

diamond slate roofing

To fill this need in the market, Slates and Shingles Roofing Service import diamond slate roofing. They came pre-cut and holed to the traditional 400 x 400 mm diamond slate size.

Now you can have this style again, and these photos here will give you some idea of what a diamond slate roof will look like on your house.

Diamond slate roofing, because it is laid using a single lap method, is cheaper installed than the traditional double-lap which you will see on other places of this web site.

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diamon slates roof