We have a range of terracotta roofing tiles, imported from Europe, designed to suit your home. Also known as ceramic roof tiles, they have been proven in the Australian climate for decades, well over 100 years. Terracotta roofing has a distinctive style of its own, a style that will enhance your home as well.

Whether you are re-roofing or are building a new house we can help you. What makes the terracotta roof tiles different from others is that we still install them the same way that the craftsmen did in the early 1900’s.

For example our valleys are bedded in with mortar which helps prevent the valley blocking up with debris. On the gable ends we bed and point the barge tiles onto an under-cloak which makes a very solid and strong edge to resist high winds etc. It also means a scribe board is no longer required and gives a very clean finish line.

Our ceramic roof tiles have developed a reputation for achieving the highest quality colours and finishes of any ceramic tile in the Australian market. Available in a variety of profiles and collection of colours, we can offer you a range of options designed to suit your style.

Colour for Life Warranty – Only the best quality ceramic raw materials have been used for strong, long lasting colours that will stand the test of time. Kiln fired to lock in colour for the life of the tile. Our extensive colour range of monotone, two tone, natural clay, and glazed colours will suit all tastes

50 year and 100 years Product Warranty – Ceramic Roof Tiles are offered with a 50 or 100 Year Product Warranty (subject to the profile selected) which means the product is guaranteed to remain structurally sound and is free of manufacturing faults for the warranty period.

Warranty applies to product installed within 200m of breaking surf and 500m of salt water.

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles:

Exceptional sound insulation – Roof tiles reduce external noise by up to 25 decibels which is more than twice the noise reduction achieved by other commonly used roofing materials.

Rust and corrosion free – Roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant which means they are suitable for installation in even the harshest coastal environments.

Fire resistant – Roof tiles are ideal for use in bush fire areas because they are non-combustible.

Low in embodied energy – Testing shows that ceramic roof tiles are lower in embodied energy than a number of competing roofing products.

Reduces cooling requirements – Testing of similarly coloured roofing products shows that ceramic roof tiles can reflect more heat away from your home resulting in lower cooling requirements.