Tiled Roof Repairs Adelaide

Our Roof Repairs Service

Is your roof cracked, damaged or worn? Our tiled roof repairs Adelaide are the answer to your problem. As a transparent team, we tell you how it is when it comes to your tiles. You don’t need a full restoration if you’re dealing with a few breaks and cracks, unlike most roofers will tell you! Slates & Shingles roofing cover the full-scope of repairs to get your roof functioning good as new. We can take care of re-bedding, ridge capping, re-pointing, cracks, missing tiles, and everything in between. If you decide you want the whole roof revived, we’ll follow through with the best product recommendations for your home and budget. Home is where the heart is, so it’s important to stay on top of maintenance! Plus, you don’t want to mess with water damage. Call us on 0408 015 715 to book your tiled roof repairs Adelaide today.

Choosing the right roof tile for you!

If your roof is showing signs of major damage, it might be time to look beyond tiled roof repairs Adelaide. We have a range of premium roof tiles, shingles, and slates that have been exclusively sourced from trusted manufactures from around the world. We’ve ventured into the international market because we want to give our community freedom of choice. With product imitations floating around, we offer a bit more variety by giving you access to genuine, natural options. This includes natural slate tiles, asphalt shingles, terracotta tiles, concrete roof tiles and more. If you have no idea where to start, our trained consultants will run you through the pros and cons of every style. Call Slates & Shingles on 0408 015 715 to enquire about our tiled roof repairs Adelaide! Or of course, start discussing options for your full restorations.

Tiled Roof Repairs Adelaide
Tiled Roof Repairs Adelaide

Our Tile Varieties

If you’re in desperate need of tiled roof repairs Adelaide, you can always count on our team to fix your issue. However, some issues have escalated to the point of major damage, so it might be worth considering a full re-roof. Read on for a little information about our selection.

Terracotta tiles: Terracotta tiles are distinctive in style and have been used in Australia for decades. They offer a more traditional look and have been trialled and tested in Australian weather, proving durability.

Natural slate: While it’s been around for hundreds of years, natural slate has become a popular modern alternative. It’s classy, unique, and hold up fantastically in rough weather.

Asphalt shingle: This is a basic, yet timeless option which is resistant against alkaline and acids. If you’re sick of spending on tiled roof repairs Adelaide, call us on 0408 015 715 and we’ll respond to your enquiry!

Slates & Shingles are Adelaide’s number one choice for repairs, restorations and replacements in Adelaide. We hold ourselves to a high standard, because we’re highly confident in our product range and execution style. For flawless tiled roof repairs Adelaide, you can reach us on 0408 015 715!