Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide

All About Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide

Terracotta is an Italian word, which translates to “baked earth”. Put simply, terracotta roof tiles Adelaide is a type of ceramic made from clay that is commonly used for roof tiles. Terracotta tiles are one of the most common tiles used on Australian homes for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits of terracotta roof tiles Adelaide are their durability.  Terracotta has been known to last hundreds of years when it is treated right. Its durability can be accredited to its ability to withstand the most extreme conditions. This is because terracotta is both waterproof and fire resistant, offering the highest protection. However, the quality of terracotta roof tiles is dependent on how well they are constructed and whether they are maintained. Regular maintenance helps prevent mould and infestations to ensure that tiles aren’t displaced. As a result, this will ensure the ongoing strength of the roof.

Climactic Benefits of Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide

Due to their strong thermal properties, terracotta roof tiles Adelaide absorb heat during the day and release it during the night. Consequently, this makes them an energy efficient option for the cooler months. Furthermore, terracotta tiles can be coloured and treated in a way that will improve their ability to reflect heat from the sun. As a result, this means they are also a great for the warmer months and great for the Australian sun. Terracotta roof tiles Adelaide are available in a variety of shapes, which vary depending on the climate and roof. In addition, they come in a range of styles depending on the style of your house; whether you are going for a more traditional or modern style of home, we have the tile for you.

Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide
Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide

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In conclusion, terracotta tiles are a great natural alternative to insulation. They can keep both heat and noise in and out of the home. In addition, they are also extremely durable. If you’re considering terracotta roof tiles Adelaide, look no further than Slates and Shingles! Call us today on 0408 015 715!