Roof Tiles Adelaide

Terracotta Roof Tiles Adelaide

Slates and Shingles Roofing imports, markets and supplies a wide range of high quality roof tiles Adelaide to the building industry. Our dedicated team of craftsmen are committed to providing a finished product that will perform to time proven expectations. Whether you are re-roofing or building a new house, Slates and Shingles are the solution for you. Our range of terracotta roofing tiles, imported from Europe, are designed to suit all homes. They have proven their durability in the Australian climate for decades. Our terracotta roof tiles Adelaide will not warp, fade in colour or decompose. Additionally, terracotta roofing has a distinctive style of its own. They can enhance your homes appearance, whilst also insulating your home during extreme temperatures. Whilst terracotta tiles can be slightly more expensive they last up to 50 years or longer! We consider them well worth the investment.

Concrete Roof Tiles Adelaide

Alternatively, concrete roof tiles Adelaide are one of Australia’s most popular and affordable roofing materials. With their durability and diverse range of colours available, there’s something for everyone, whatever style your home may be.  Our concrete tiles have the highest quality colours and finishes. One of the main advantages of concrete tiling is that they strengthen with age. They are designed for long-term performance. In addition, concrete tiles will maintain their colour and can sustain high winds due to their resistance. Additionally, concrete tiles are also fire resistance, and thus are ideal for areas prone to fire. Another major benefit to concrete tiles is that they insulate sound. Consequently, they can reduce external noise by up to 30 decibels, which is more than twice the noise reduction achieved by other commonly used roofing materials.

Roof Tiles Adelaide
Roof Tiles Adelaide

Why Slates and Shingles Roof Tiles Adelaide?

Slates and Shingles have been roofing since 1974. With every joy, we make it our mission to provide outstanding customer service to client and delivering fantastic results. Because roof tiles Adelaide are expected to last over 50 years, we strongly believe that a quality installation is particularly important for increasing the longevity of your roof.  As a result, our slaters are trained craftsmen. They are trained in this type of work in order to achieve such high results. Slating is a craft, and as a result, can only truly be learnt over a period of years. A lot of slate roof tiles are drawn from England and Spain. Some of these quarries are over 300 years old. Additionally, roofing slates can also come from North and Southern America and China. Consequently, we source a lot of our materials from Europe and America.

With product sources like this, paired with Slates and Shingles service, you can be assured that your building or home will get the care and attention it deserves. If you’re considering upgrading your roof tiles Adelaide or are building a new house reach out today!

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