In this era of everything ‘instant and new’, it is often difficult to find professional tradesmen that are willing to take a thoughtful approach to an existing building with a recurring problem. I was fortunate enough to find this combination with Lance Reynolds, owner of Slates and Shingles Roofing Service. Having years of experience roofing, repairing and matching new to old on heritage and architectural buildings, Mr Reynolds and his team were selected to reroof my home. This was not an easy project. The material required to replicate a 40 year old roof needed to be light weight yet sturdy to replace an existing shingle type material, no longer manufactured. After much searching an appropriate form of shingle was found, imported and installed. The crew (including tradesman with overseas heritage building experience) were efficient, safe and caring of the house environment. The work was completed on time and the area left clean of any debris.

Thank you for your professional commitment to my home.